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Allow your customers to reach  your brand through a Chatbot or an agent with the scale of Google Search and Maps.

With this new channel drive sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction through assistive experiences and rich features.

google business messages en búsqueda de google
google business messages en maps
google business messages en web del cliente
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Reach customers during the billions of interactions that occur on Google Search every day.

google maps

Help customers from Google Maps when searching for local businesses.

logo google business messages

Improve customer response time, increase support level and save money when your customer is on your web site, application or social media.

Google Business Messages Advantages
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Develop an enriched and 

high-performance communication with your customers -buttons, richcards, interactive menus-, at a low cost.

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Improve response times with digital agents and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

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Help drive business value with advanced interactive experiences.

Google Business Messages Advantages

9 out of 10

business decision-makers believe that Google Business Messages will improve their customer interactions.

usuario feliz con google business messages

Connect with clients when and where they need you.

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